Making Clouds Of Thought

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Urban Art

Wynwood, Miami. 

MCOT dislocated their right shoulder for 3rd time at the end of March, 2016, thus delaying work for the time being. This free time is being filled with reading books starting: 1984 (George Orwell) , The Life of Milarepa, A Brave New World (Aldous Huxley), Man's Search For Meaning (Viktor E. Frankl) and more. MCOT should be back to painting around May 15, 2016. **June 18: I can paint and use lightweight ladders but this will be a long recovery process in order to get back to the real potential of graffiti.

Closest thing to legal space yet. Had two more walls to paint when the neighbor to my client threatened to complain to the property manager about spray painting in the studio space. Oh yeah, thats my client ready to produce some fuego.

year 2 of Nov, 5th tradition

During a visit to my home town, Boston, MCOT got paint together that they hadn't used before and 3 skinny caps. On a rooftop with several other pieces, MCOT got about half done with a painting of a bird when all the paint caps got clogged thus making the painting too hard to finish with fat caps. Earlier that day MCOT road a duck boat (bus/boat) to tour Boston. At the entrance to the water that every duck boat used, there was a near by ladder leading into the water as seen above. After failing the bird painting, MCOT had some left and right handed fun on the wall as seen above. This all happens to be right directly behind a police station. MCOT will return Boston.

The Above image was painted in Hawaii

Ibagué, Columbia
A good friend's family opened a restaurant and was generous enough to offer MCOT the position to create the logo used throughout their restaurant. 

Had to take a little break here during 2015.

The Above image was done the night before MCOT got surgery on their right shoulder, 1 month after redislocating it about an 1 1/2in. out of its socket. Basically this was done with one good left arm.